history in the heart of Times Square: Cafe Edison

This week I met up with a friend for breakfast at Cafe Edison, a famous little diner right off of Times Square.  The name has nothing to do with the light bulb-inventing Thomas Edison, but rather is connected to the Edison Hotel. From the front, Cafe Edison looks like just another New York City diner.  But once you step inside, you can see and almost feel the history of the place.  Apparently Cafe Edison is (and has been) a go-to for the theater community for years.  You’ll see signed Broadway posters framed on the walls and might even have a star-sighting while you’re eating your pancakes!

“Hidden amid the obligatorily encyclopedic offering of omelettes, burgers, club sandwiches, and salads are gems of homemade Eastern European Jewish cooking that have delighted Broadway producers, playwrights, and performers, and tourists, for 30 years—at timelessly affordable prices.” – NY Magazine

It’s a funny little joint with ornate, cream-colored, decorative ceilings with brilliant chandeliers coupled with generic diner booths and bar.  Cafe Edison is super “old-school” – we’re talking cash-only, unchanging menu…you get the picture.  But the food is good – omelets, pancakes, bacon and sausage, bagels, etc.

And now on to the coffee.  Well, to start, this is not the sort of place you go to just get a cup of coffee…It’s a full-on breakfast with a cup of coffee kind of a place.  Mid-sized study white porcelain mugs and saucers that the waitress keeps refilling and refilling throughout your meal.  It’s what I would consider “diner coffee,” sweet to the tongue but then leaves a little tangy aftertaste.  The coffee compliments the meal without being the focus.  In short, it does its job.

Cafe Edison is a great spot to take your friends and family visiting from out of town.  It has the historic feel of the Big Apple (in the heart of Times Square) but in an authentic way.


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