meet me ’round the corner: Arte Around the Corner

It was a cool and rainy Tuesday afternoon so I pulled out my red (and somewhat broken) umbrella and I walked down to Arte Around the Corner (73rd and Columbus).  I love this place because it has the cozy, quaint feel of an old-time coffee house – tall wooden chairs, flower vases on every table, and homemade breads and pastries.

Arte Around the Corner was established to bring Italian heritage to the neighborhood, and give customers a European paradise to escape to.

I ordered a cappuccino and took a seat out front so that I could enjoy the sound and smells of the rain under a protective overhang.  Now, let’s just get this little thing cleared up – What exactly is the difference between a cappuccino and a latte?


  • Contains less steamed milk
  • Is served in a glass on a saucer with a napkin
  • Originated in Italy
  • The name “cappuccino” comes from Capuchin friars’ habits or their tonsured white heads surrounded by ring of brown hair.


  • Contains more steamed milk
  • Latte is served in porcelain cups with better heat retention properties
  • Originated in America
  • In Italian “latte” is milk and caffè latte refers to coffee and milk.

Brilliant – you learn something new everyday!  Anyhoo, my cappuccino was delish…creamy and frothy but deep, flavorful, and aromatic.  I felt total bliss listening to the rain, reading my book, and sipping my warm cappuccino.  Arte Around the Corner is a cute little coffee shop for that quiet, alone time you might crave …and really, who doesn’t crave that living in New York City?

However, at night Arte Around the Corner transforms from a daytime espresso shop to an evening wine bar with small sharing plates and desserts.  After 5pm the cozy little coffee shop livens into a more chatty, candlelight dinner/drinks spot for you and a few friends.


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