Get Your Study On – Think Coffee

It’s “Midterms Week” at New York University.  Coupled with the (freezing) change in weather, students are scoping out prime indoor study spots.  Yesterday I caught up with my brother, also a student at NYU, for a quick cup of coffee before his Computer Programming Midterm (ew!).  The “bro” and I met at Think Coffee right on the NYU campus (Mercer b/t 3rd and 4th Streets).

Think Coffee is your quintessential college coffee shop:

  • Laptops on every table (free Wi-fi)
  • Live music in the evenings – see upcoming events here
  • Student publications and event fliers everywhere
  • Breakfast, soups, sandwiches, pastries, etc.
  • Coffee bar, high bar stool tables, cozy reading chairs, coaches, tables, and booths
  • 4 other NYC locations, all in lower-midtown (Chelsea, West Village, East Village) – ie. large student population

My only issue?  Good luck finding a place to sit – especially during Midterms or Finals week.  If a student’s lucky enough to snatch up a table or booth, he/she probably won’t be moving for a good few hours (why would you? Great coffee, yummy food, warmth, and wi-fi!).

My brother and I braced the cold and found a bench to sit at across the street from Think.  He (somehow) ordered an iced coffee because he loves how strong the baristas brew their iced coffee at Think.  I stuck with a big mug of hot coffee to warm my hands and my insides.  We also shared a pumpkin-cranberry loaf…SO GOOD.  It tasted like Autumn – moist, spice-infused pumpkin bread with tart dried cranberries on top. Yum!

Think describes their coffee as a medium-bold roast that’s both strong and satisfying.  They also offer a unique “Single Source” coffee brewing option – this shows that Think baristas really care about the craft and personality of coffee.

In addition to our house blend, we offer a variety of coffees that come from a single farm and are roasted by a boutique roaster. The flavors are distinct. The coffee is personal.

  • Guatemala: Ixil A’achimbal – peachy vanilla sorbet/milk chocolate
  • Nicaragua: Finca Santa Isabel – warm lemon with honey/creamy tamarind
  • Costa Rica: La Candelilla Estate – creamy fig/subtle orange/sweet lime grape

Oh, and did I mention that Think Coffee upholds a Fair Trade, organic, environmentally-friendly philosophy and supports local non-profit organizations? Sweet.  As Arnold Schwarzenegger would say, “I’ll be back!”


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