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meet me ’round the corner: Arte Around the Corner

It was a cool and rainy Tuesday afternoon so I pulled out my red (and somewhat broken) umbrella and I walked down to Arte Around the Corner (73rd and Columbus).  I love this place because it has the cozy, quaint feel of an old-time coffee house – tall wooden chairs, flower vases on every table, […]

the mermaid, the myth, the legend: Starbucks

We all know Starbucks.  The mermaid logo and bright green letters glowing on every street corner in the United States.  Starbucks was founded in Seattle, Washington by three (now ridiculously wealthy) partners: English teacher Jerry Baldwin, history teacher Zev Siegl, and writer Gordon Bowker.  Just forty years later, Starbucks now boasts nearly 20,000 locations, 13,000 in the US alone. “The […]

Hello, my name is “coffeegirlnyc”

I don’t know how a person could live in New York City without drinking coffee.  Think I’m generalizing?  No, sir!  In May of 2012 the Washington Post published that “New Yorkers drink 6.7 times more coffee than people of other major cities.” There is a Starbucks on every major street corner (not to mention a Dunkin Donuts, […]